We're Josh and Aleah

Hi!  We're Josh and Aleah and we're the husband and wife team that makes up 3eight Photography.  When we're not spending time with our awesome clients or chasing our kiddos we love to travel.  Especially if that travel involves slow walks through gorgeous new places.  Although neither of us is a Memphis native, we love our home here, the people we get to meet, and the food.  We love good food!  To find out even more about us watch our welcome video and then keep scrolling for fun facts about us!


Quick Facts about Josh:

  1.       Will drink coffee anytime.

  2.       Confuses others with how fast he can tie his shoes

  3.       Known to burst into spontaneous singing.  Loudly!

  4.       Is still waiting for his Hogwarts letter.

  5.       Put a bustle in a wedding dress on the dance floor with 2 straight pins.

  6.       Believes you can NEVER have too many exclamation points!!!!



Quick Facts about Aleah:

  1.       Has 7000 bottles of nail polish and only uses two of them.

  2.       Will happily lose sleep for a good book.

  3.       Prefers cookie dough to actual cookies.

  4.       Visited 3 continents in one day ... and threw up on all of them.

  5.       Believes a little coconut oil fixes everything.

  6.       Has a favorite chair.  It's her yoga ball!


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