Keep It Together

We're officially at the end of wedding season, although you wouldn't know it by looking at my calendar, and coming into engagement season.  I LOVE engagement season because it means that soon I'm going to be talking to a lot of very excited, newly engaged ladies, about their weddings that won't happen for another year.  Why am I excited to talk to brides about wedding that aren't happening anytime soon?  Because I'm kinda bossy, and when it's still a year out I can stick my 2 cents in.  Yes, I realize that can be annoying, especially since everyone else in the bride's life is also putting in their opinion.  I justify it by making sure I'm not saying the same thing she's hearing from a million other places.  You won't ever hear me give my opinion on flowers, or style of dress, or what pinterest worthy favor is the latest, greatest thing unless you specifically ask me.  What you will hear me tell brides is to be practical, which actually brings me to what I wanted to talk about today.  Hire a wedding coordinator.  Not necessarily a planner, but a day of coordinator.  Aleah and I had it together enough to hire a planner who took care of day of coordination and thank God we did.  I'm not sure I would want to see what my 21 year old self would've put together for wedding decorations and I'm certainly glad it wasn't left to me to make sure everything happened on time.  Your coordinator is the one who'll check in your vendors, round up the bridal party when you need them, and take care of problems when they come up so you don't have to.  Believe me, problems come up and it's great to have someone experienced taking care of it.  For example I've shot more than one wedding this year where the cake was either a no show or didn't show up until the reception had already started.  Not really something you want to worry about while you're trying to enjoy your big day with your friends.

The photo above is one from a styled shoot I did recently with Emma from Infinity Events.  See that arrangement on the table?  We have Emma to thank for that one.  I took care of all the flower ordering (not a good idea on my part) for the shoot and in running down my list of what I needed I forgot all about the sweetheart table.  Fast forward a couple weeks and Emma and I are putting things together when we realized my mistake.  If I were doing it on my own I would've had to use another centerpiece that was much to large for the table.  Emma on the other hand walks over to one of the arrangements that we were finished with, steals a section from the side, adds a couple loose flowers from the cake and drops it into a vase.  2 minutes and problem solved.  When it comes to your big day there really is no substitute for experience.  Now that you know all the reasons you should hire a wedding coordinator enjoy some more photos from the shoot.

Since I know at least a couple of you are going to ask me, you can contact Emma at