Hey Friends!  Sorry about the radio silence.  We were on vacation in the northwest week before last visiting Aleah's family.  I managed to carve out a few minutes to blog while we were gone but haven't managed to do that as easily now that we're back.  Why is it that when you go away for a week, you come back to three weeks' worth of work?  Perhaps that's just me.  Anyway, vacation was awesome!  It was a week of quality time with the family, lots of walks in the beautiful Washington woods, and taking our little guy to the park.

Aleah was fortunate to grow up on the same street as a pretty incredible park so we were able to make almost daily trips to play.  You might notice from the photo that he's wearing a few more layers than are typically appropriate for Memphis this time of year.  The weather was AMAZING!!! There was color on the trees, a slight chill in the air, and I had this insane craving for hot chocolate all week.  I kept this to myself.  I'm pretty sure they think I'm weird anyway and explaining that I don't really know how to do fall because I've lived in the sweltering south my whole life wouldn't have helped my case much.  We did make a couple bigger excursions while we were there.  If you've seen my Instagram you may have seen the sunset photo of Aleah by the ocean.  This was on an overnight visit to her sister and brother-in-law's house north of Seattle.   Anytime her family is together lots of walks get taken.

Aleah and I also managed a couple just the two of us outings while we were there.  What did we do you ask?  We took pictures of each other of course!  Why you ask?  Because we're huge nerds.  Not really. Well, we are actually nerds, but we didn't go out with the purpose of taking photos.  We just stopped for a couple here and there while on a walk.

Okay, enough about our vacation.  You may have noticed our new watermark.  If not take a look at it now.  It's literally inches from where you're currently looking!  The new watermark is part of a whole new branding package that BILD Creative just put together for us.  You'll be seeing it roll out in stages as I find time here and there to rework our current layouts and marketing materials.  If you want to see the logo version check out our home page.  I can't even explain how excited I am about the new look.  It's going to be awesome y'all!

Peace Out