Introducing, The Bryants

Just over a month ago, I posted some shots from a shoot I did with Emma at Infinity events back in the summer.  In that post I talked about how important it was to have someone to take care of everything on your big day.  Today's post is a good example of the benefits of having a full on wedding planner.

Okay, let me set the scene for you.  It's June, Emma and I are sitting on a covered porch of the venue where we setup the styled shoot.  Detail shots are done and models aren't arriving for bridal shots for another hour.  Emma is sitting in a rocking chair putting together the boutonniere I forgot to order and I've collapsed into the back of a love seat with a 103 degree fever (when you're a wedding photographer there's no such thing as a sick day) doing my best to maintain conversation, and not let my camera just fall to the floor.

In the course of conversation we start talking about upcoming weddings and clients and she mentions Jessica and Steven.  She tells me about their wedding and asks what I'd charge.  I give her a quote and we setup a meeting for a week later.  Since that meeting I've been looking forward to shooting Steven and Jessica's wedding.  A brunch wedding at the end of November sounded like a blast and it totally was.  The one of the great things about getting married at the end of November is that you don't risk drowning in a pool of your own sweat walking from the car to the door.  One of the not so great things about getting married at the end of November is also the heat, or rather the possibility of the extreme lack thereof.  For Steven and Jessica the second one rang true in spades.  I think the day was colder and rainier than we expected even with everyone watching the weather forecast like it was a toddler at the top of a staircase.

By the morning of the wedding the forecast only predicted rain for the hour the outdoor ceremony was supposed to take place.  With a quick last minute venue change from outdoor to indoor we were back on track.  The weather however decided that consistency was key and kept the rain going for the first part of our portrait time.

I don't remember how many trips it took with umbrellas to get everyone onto that porch without them getting wet but it was quite a few.  After a bit though the rain slowed to a mist and we were able to move out for a few more open shots.

By the end of the day the clouds finally broke and we were able to get those warm sunny photos we were hoping for all along.

Don't get the wrong impression though.  Just because it was sunny doesn't mean it was really any warmer at all.  Jessica blazed though portrait time in her sleeveless gown like it was no big deal but when it was time to go out again for a few more portraits toward the end of the reception she decided it was preferable not to freeze.  Thankfully, when they know about them ahead of time, guests will sometimes dress in the wedding colors.  A quick survey of the crowd and request to a family friend to borrow a wrap had us on our way.

I also think a glass of champagne probably helps a little.

All in all I think it was a great wedding day!  Congratulations Jessica and Steven!