Congratulations Mr and Mrs Spicer!

You've probably noticed a few things if you've been to the site in a while.  1: I haven't blogged.  2: pretty much everything  on the site has changed. and 3: there are new photos that you've never seen before.  Well friends I have a very simple explanation for 1 and 3.  Number 2 is pretty self-explanatory, we added content.  Yay!  The reason for 1 and 3 is quite simply number 2.  It's very hard to make your bed when you're in the middle of repainting the frame.  For now though we're going to take a pause in our updates and get back to regularly scheduled programming.

Most of couples we work with come to us from a couple different sources.  We either meet them at a bridal show, from a vendor/client referral, or from one of our online profiles like the Knot.  This is not how I met Patrick and Amy.  We actually met at a crafts show.  Patrick is a woodworker and had a booth at the show.  This time I was the customer in the booth!  While Patrick was wrapping up the pen he'd just sold me (which is currently tucked behind my left ear) we made small talk and he asked what I did for a living.  I said wedding photographer and he told me they'd just gotten engaged.  It really was sort of serendipitous.  Patrick and Amy's big day was a couple weeks ago and I was really glad to get to be a part of it.  I know, I know, it looks like summer but really trust me, this wedding was in December.  I'm not sure how they pulled that weather out of their hats but they did and I'm certainly not going to complain.  All around their big day was awesome!  They're a super fun couple and they were both so relaxed on the day.  I'm not sure if it's because they were actually relaxed or that they both just have a really good poker face but either way it made my job so easy.

My only concern for the day was light.  Believe it or not there is such a thing as too much light.  Since this is the south, and it was sunny, and we were shooting in mid-day sun we had to be just a little creative with our locations.  The one in the above photo was, I think, my favorite for the day. Once I got there I had a really hard time convincing myself to leave, but I did, and it was great too.

Amy and Patrick are the perfect example that less is more.  There have been times that I've walked into a reception and there were so many layers of things going on that it was hard to focus in on any one thing.  Other times, it's obvious that the poor bride has given into pressure from Pinterest and tried to incorporate all the latest trends and novel ideas into her big day often to the detriment of quality and her sanity.  These guys didn't fall into the trendy trap.  Instead they focused on a few things and executed them to perfection!  I'll stop talking now and let you look at the pretty but seriously check out those flowers!