What A Year It's Been

Hey Guys!  I'm sitting here writing this blog post with just a few hours (lets don't talk about how many times I had to type hours before I finally spelled it correctly) left in 2015.  It's been a really amazing year for us.  Up until this year we've had a pattern in our family.  Odd numbered years stink.  Since we got married we'd yet to have a good one.  Even numbered years however were awesome.  This year proved to be the exception.  Sure, this year has had its share of difficult moments, but nothing that I would say ruined the whole year (as I knock on wood and look out the corner of my eye for black cats lest the house burn down in the next three hours).  In addition to personally having a good year 3eight had a good year too!  We got the chance to work with some amazing people and meet with a lot more people that we're looking forward to working with in 2016 (and 2017 too!!!).  So as we close out 2015 I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of the year with you.  In no particular order are 20 of my favorite photos from the year.  I had to limit myself to 20 otherwise you guys would be scrolling through a list of 100 photos.  Enjoy!