You Win Again Gravity!

Any photographer worth their salt will test shoot a venue before a wedding if they've never shot there before.  Although I've shot at the Memphis Botanic Gardens loads of times today I was test shooting for a bride who's never been there before.  Her wedding is in October and she wanted to know what her portrait options were.  Rather than explaining the gardens and how I think we would use each one I decided to make it easy on both of us and just send her some photos.  The problem is that none of the photos I have of the Botanic Gardens were quite right for what I wanted to show her.  So, Using Aleah as a stand in bride in jeans we did some shooting.  I even had some time to stop and take a few photos just for me.

I love this shot of a lily pad in the water garden just off the lobby.  The second I saw this lily pad I had this insane desire to put an engagement ring in the middle of that flower.  The problem is that i'm actually standing several feet away from the flower at the edge of the water.  I don't think the water is very deep but something tells me that the nice lady at the desk watching me take this photo wouldn't have appreciated me going for a swim in her lily pond to put someone's diamond ring at risk of being lost forever at the bottom of this tangle of plants and plumbing.  The fact that it most likely would've been my wife's engagement ring on the line is another reason it's probably good that I abandoned that plan early on.  I love our couch but it's much better to sit on than sleep on.

After I finished playing National Geographic Explorer with the plant life we decided to head over to My Big Back Yard for a little family time.  We don't often get to spend time out as a family and MBBY is awesome!  It started off playing in the grass and making the most of a much larger, much nicer, lawn than the one we have at home.  Seriously, we live on a postage stamp of a yard.

Unfortunately though, boys will be boys, and we ended here.

We were playing on the music stage and he found a rattle made from an old coke bottle and had to show Mom IMMEDIATELY!  He took off running toward Aleah to show off his new find and before either of us could grab him, he'd done a triple salchow straight into a full on face plant into the concrete sidewalk.  Turns out that putting the rattle back hurt worse than scraping his face.  All well, it wouldn't be a productive afternoon in the Looney household if there wasn't a little bit of blood to show for it.