Don't Like the Weather? Wait 5 Minutes

In the days leading up to Kenny and Amy's engagement shoot we realized that there was a very good chance that we would be working around rain.  Rain isn't that big of a deal really.  We shoot in and around the rain all the time.  Weddings don't get rescheduled because of a little drizzle so you learn to deal with it pretty early on in your career as a wedding photographer.  Planning for the rain though makes the whole thing much much easier.

Thankfully though when I got to the Memphis Botanic Gardens on Sunday morning it was pleasantly overcast but NOT raining.  WooHoo!  It even almost made up for me spilling piping hot coffee all over me and the seat of my car (the beige seat of my car) on the way there.  Since the weather report was for rain I figured that even if we dodged the rain bullet that it would still be a bit on the dreary side.  It really wasn't, but I mentioned to Amy that they might keep that in mind when selecting their outfits.  She knocked it out of the park!  There is nothing that stands out on a gray day more than happy spring colors.

As we started shooting though the drops started falling.  By the time we made it to the Japanese garden it was off and on drizzling.  Thankfully I thought to bring an umbrella for between shots and they were cool to keep rolling right on through the drops.

As we were leaving the gardens for downtown I sent the umbrella with them so that they would have it in case the skies opened up on us when we got there.  By the time we stepped into court square though it was fairly obvious we weren't going to need it.  The more we shot the more the weather cleared.

By the end of the shoot we were actually dodging the sun and trying to find shade.  I'm not sure how we get so lucky as to have so many awesome easy going clients but somehow we do.  I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Kenny and Amy and can't wait for their April wedding!