Secret Project

Hey Guys!  Okay so on my last post I mentioned a super secret project that I'd been keeping from you.  Well folks, here it is.  I'm so excited to finally share this one.  A few months back The Pink Bride asked me to shoot an inspiration spread for them at the Junior League Memphis.  Of course I said yes in an instant because why wouldn't I.  I love styled shoots.  Everything was amazing from start to finish!  Lynn Doyle knocked it out of the park as always with the flowers and Gloria's Mother of the Bride sent over some pretty incredible dresses.  Anyway I'm going to keep this pretty short for a couple of reasons.  First is that we both know that that you'd rather look at pretty pictures than read on and on about me taking photos.  The second and by far biggest reason is that we started bathroom remodel demo today and I have cuts on all my fingers that makes it hurt to type.  I really love you guys but I stop short of shedding blood for a blog post.  Sorry not sorry.  Enjoy!