A Lot of Good Luck

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck.  Josh and Shannon must've earned a lifetime of good fortune together with all the rain we've had this past week.  In the days leading up to the wedding I was monitoring the weather report like I was responsible for a toddler holding a Faberge egg.  By the time Saturday rolled around I thought there was a chance the rain might miss their backyard wedding but unfortunately no.  Just as we started portrait time, the drops started falling.

Shannon had decided ahead of time that she wanted more portrait variety than they're backyard venue would provide so we made the short hop over to the square in Collierville.  It turned out to be the perfect spot for both beautiful portraits and staying dry.  Well they stayed dry.  I ended up soaked but we'll talk about that in a bit.

Both Josh and Shannon took the weather in stride and had, I think, a really great time on their wedding day which didn't really surprise me at all.  From the moment we all first met I could tell just how easy going they were as a couple.  When it came time for wedding planning Shannon wanted that to read loud and clear in her big day.  She loved the idea of a simple family and friends ceremony celebration and then a fun festive laid back reception the next day.  She also liked the laid back vibe of a DIY wedding.  Since she is admittedly "not crafty" she hit up etsy.  From their paper flowers to the grooms wedding band they used loads of etsy vendors to bring a super cool unique touch to their wedding day details.

Seriously aren't these paper flowers from MyWoollyMammoth just awesome!  Even in a downpour they looked fantastic all day long.

Okay, so I mentioned earlier that by the time the day was over I was soaked.  The photo on the right is exactly when that happened.  We were shooting away enjoying the refreshing crispness that the drizzle was bringing to the air when all of a sudden the clouds opened and it started to pour.  The bridal party was under a cover so I kept shooting.  Aleah was nice enough to offer me an umbrella but well.  I move a lot and it was a lost cause at this point anyway.


In keeping with their relaxed theme the couple and their guests hopped into their favorite jeans and sneakers for their reception the next day at Wiseacre Tap Room.   As rainy as it was on Saturday the weather on Sunday made up for it.  It was sunny, warm, and all around awesome!  Between the BBQ, beer, and Shannon's perfectly curated playlist everyone had a great time.  They even made use of the open bay door at Wiseacre and setup their own super cute photo booth.  We've never done a photo booth for a client before, but ya know what?  It was really fun.  Perhaps it's something we should look into.

We really did have a great time with Josh, Shannon, and their guests.  This really was the perfect start to the spring wedding season!