How About a Little Style

Every once in a while here at 3eight we like to mix things up and put together a styled shoot.  It gives us a chance to flex our creative muscles in a different way than we get to on normal shoots and we get to work with some vendors that we either haven't had the chance to work with or that we haven't worked with as recently as we'd like.  The down side is though that we put together all this awesomeness, shoot the photos, and then something else takes priority (nothing ranks higher in our books than a bride) and the project doesn't make it to the blog for several months.  Eventually though we find a spot in our blog schedule and get the chance to share.

Last fall when we started thinking about this one we knew right away that we A) wanted to incorporate some DIY elements and B) wanted it to look and feel easy.  The first thing I did was give Holly at Holly and Ivy a shout to talk about florals.  It may have DIY elements but I'm not nuts.  We met for coffee and to chat and she came up with an idea for gathered bouquets.  She wanted to play up that easy style by going for a natural gathered look.  

Overall we wanted to take the idea of a simple backyard wedding and knock it up a notch (Yes I just quoted Futurama.  The more you get to know me the more you realize that's never going away.  Sorry!).  In addition to the bouquets Holly made us this fantastic table runner made of Magnolia leaves, ivy and lambs ear.  GAAAAAAH!  I love this table scape!


Just a heads up.  That bar is made from scrap palates.  I think this is the first time in the DIY process that Aleah looked at me like I'd grown a second head.  All in all though it turned out to be not that hard.  One of these day's I'll actually get around to posting the plans but for right now you'll have to make do with the photo (I guess unless you want to call me and let me tell you over the phone :)).  The coolest thing about the bar though is that it totally folds flat!  HELLO mobile party bar!

What DIY shoot would be complete without some DIY favors.  I'll admit, this isn't where I started.  Although this one was both a super simple and super cheap (provided you already have lots of wine corks around) I'll admit this wasn't my first choice of favors.  I tend to live by a go big or go home mentality, but after several broken beer bottles, a few choice words hissed under my breath at an ineffective glass cutter, and a few hours sanity prevailed and I scaled back.  I'm glad I did to because seriously who doesn't love a cool key ring.

The next thing I did right after calling Holly was to call Molly and Eric at Maggie Louise Bridal.  There are a few things that you DON'T DIY when it comes to weddings and styled shoots.  One of those is flowers and another is the dress (there are definitely more and I'll do a post on what and why not to DIY another time).  I went in with one of the bridesmaid's dresses (Modcloth, $60, seriously check it out) and told them a bit about the style and Molly walked straight to this dress.  It's absolutely perfect.  The only thing about it was that I nearly had a total come apart trying to tie a half way decent bow in that silk ribbon the night before the shoot.  It's pretty obvious that I'm the father of a little boy and not a little girl.  What was Aleah doing while I melted down over a ribbon you ask?  Laughing at me and offering absolutely no help because she thought it was hilarious.  To be fair though she was also packing boxes and doing the organizing and list checking that I'm really bad at.


At the end of the day what we wanted to do is show that you totally can have a relaxed back yard wedding without sacrificing you Pinterest inspired dreams.  You just need a really big back yard :)