Where do I Even Start

The title says it all here.  I have no idea how to write this blog post.  I've written and deleted so much text at this point that I'm approaching master's thesis levels of effort here.  Normally there would be one thing, or maybe two, from an eshoot or a wedding that becomes the basis for a blog post.  Brian and Tina's engagement shoot had so many high points and memorable moments that it's impossible really for me to pick just one or two.  We were back in the Collierville square this week with gorgeous weather, light foot traffic, and and the beginnings of a great sunset.  We were pretty stoked about all of it.

Aleah hadn't had the chance to meet Brian or Tina yet (that's an amusing story for another time) so I was keeping an eye out for them while we took a little walk and commented on all the things that had changed dramatically since we were here the weekend before.  It was amazing at the change.  Those beautiful pink blooms from Josh and Shannon's wedding had already given way to green leaves.  Bushes that had just started blooming the weekend before were COVERED in blooms this weekend.  It was like a totally different place!

As soon as Brian and Tina arrived (right on time btw.  Didn't want it to sound like we waited forever on a late client) the real fun started.  These guys are the quintessential 3eight bride and groom!  Cool, fun, laid back, but most importantly they love to laugh.  Every time we turned around one of them was saying something to crack the other one up.

This mural was so much fun.  I think had I not been standing in the street for this shot we would've just stayed here for the rest of our light.

After a quick wardrobe change we headed over to the tracks for some cute casual photos.  This shot was sorta funny how it happened.  We were walking away from where Brian and Tina had changed when we heard a train coming.  It is right at this moment that Aleah decides to tell me about a really cute engagement photo she saw on Pinterest with a passing train.  Those of you who have been married for a while understand that the implication here is that I'm now supposed to produce a version of that photo.  Problem is I can't hear her explaining the photo for the approaching train, she can't do it herself because she's too short (I'll save you the boring technical explanation for that), and we have no idea how long this train is so we don't know how much time we have to play with.  So, I run for the tracks.  Tina and Brian hop over to where I pointed but have no idea what I want (neither do I really since I never actually heard her explanation of the inspiration photo) because they can't hear me so they do what any good couple does in that situation, they kiss.  The shot turned out really well, I think, despite my having no idea what my target was.


We finished shooting just as the light was falling behind the buildings.  I think Brian and Tina had fun.  I know we did.  What a great way to spend a Saturday evening!